Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lolo - 13 Months! (November 5)


This past month you have just changed so much!  You are talking and talking all the time.  You repeat a lot of what we as you to say and its so cute!  The words you say the most right now are...mama, dada, dog, nana, minnie mouse (minme), turtle (love the way you say this word), please, thank you, pop pop, mud, cody, bye bye, hi, water (wah wah), diaper, pee pee, lolo (yaya), baby, no-no, and shoe. 

You blow kisses, love your babies and rock them and kiss them.  You still love Minnie Mouse and your favorite episode of Disney's Clubhouse is the super hero one.  You love baby sign time too and watch it in the car.  You are still signing a lot.  You sign milk, all done, water, please, bye bye, hi, and more.

You love sliding on your toy that you daddy bought you and will push yourself down it when we count to three. You are a fearless little girl!  You love your pink rocking chair, especially to climb backward on. 

You got your 6th tooth, top left this month. 

You randomly do your version of the handstand.  It's pretty funny!  You also rode a camel at a Fall Festival! 

You can recognize certain bath toys (duck, turtle, fish, bee) and give them to me when I ask you for each one.  You also do the fishy sound when you see it. 

You love to clap when we say "Yay," and have the biggest smile when doing so. 

You still love to eat and are becoming interested in using a fork and spoon. 

You went to Disney World this month and had a great time!  More on that later, but it sure was fun to spend so much time with you and watch you change everyday.  You are one smart little girl! 

You are a very demanding little girl and know what you want when you want it, but you are also so very sweet and love your mommy and daddy. 

When I get home from work, you still come crawling to me and start signing milk immediately.  We are working, very slowly, but working on the weaning process.  I'm not really in any hurry, I think you will let me know when you are ready to be weaned and right now isn't that time. 

You are growing and looking like such a big girl lately.  Your daddy and I love you so much sweet girl! 

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