Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Midweek Randoms...

Lolo is finally feeling better!  Thank goodness.  That was rough!  Post to come soon.  We take her back to the doctor today actually for a recheck and immunizations.  I know what you are thinking...ironic that I am a pediatrician and I am taking my child to the doctor.  Right?  However, I am a mommy first to this sweet girl and will take her to her pediatrician just like all you other mommies out there for her check ups, sick visits, and immunizations. 

Speaking of immunizations...I HATE them!  It's so sad to see her get them and feel crummy afterwards.  Poor girl.  I wish I could get them for her.  I get why parents don't want to immunize their children...but I also know the benefits of it as well.  Thank goodness, or I would probably be one of those immunizing refusing parents myself! 

Lolo loves it when her daddy plays the guitar for her!  I snapped this pic the other day, isn't it so cute?!?

We had a great weekend spent with friends and family!  We dressed Lolo up in the dress we bought her on our babymoon to Hawaii and went to the Cheesecake Factory in Tulsa, delicious!  We then went and looked at houses!  Finally decided on where we are going to live...So exciting!!!

On Memorial Day, I put Lolo in the pool for the first time!  She LOVED it and it deserves a post all its own soon :)

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