Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lexis party

Lexi is ONE!

I can not believe my little niece in one!  Time has flown!  It seems like just yesterday I was playing dress up with her when she was a newborn while my sister took a nap...


My sister had her party outside at my parents house.  It was super cute with tons of detail!  So glad I have my sister to plan all my parties ;)

Macy couldn't resist being left out.  She loves to pose for the camera!

Can I have some cake too please??

Isn't this the cutest welcome ever?!?

Lexi's One!!  Photos courtesy of my talented husband.

I love this picture and I love the look of determination in her eyes as she gets her cake handed to her!  Reminds me of myself when I am handed chocolate :)

Here she is saying, "Feed my the cake already!!"

Such a doll baby!

Such a fun year watching this little one grow into her personality, that is much like her Aunt Nicole.  So glad my sister has let me bond with this little girl and let me "be myself" around her.  Being an aunt is pretty cool!  I love getting to play with her, make her laugh, give her exactly what she wants, that's what aunts are for, right??  I know I am glutton for punishment in a few short months...but its a really neat feeling whenever I see this little girl for her to reach out her arms for me to pick her up.  It makes me so sad that whenever I leave she cries, but that just means she loves me, right?  That's what I keep telling myself :)  I hope that Lexi and I can have the same relationship that I have had with my favorite aunt.  Such great memories we have together!  

Happy Birthday Lexi!  Can't wait to feed you chocolate ;)

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  1. 1st birthdays are so much fun! Looks like a fun party!