Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Randoms

Oh I am so glad it's Wednesday.  And I am soooo ready for this month to be over.  Been a rough one, minus the vacation of a lifetime, of course.  That, my friend, was incredible and something I hope everyone gets a chance to do in their lifetime, but work and some other stuff this month...not so much.  However, I have been taught that I need to learn how to deal with my frustrations.  I am not so good at it...never have been.  Why oh why do I like to keep everything so bottled up inside of me is beyond me...but me and God...we are working on it.  It's been a lifelong process...He's been teaching me a lot these days. 

Psalms 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." 

I have aaaamazing friends.  I find it fascinating that some people can know me so well to just be able to hear my voice and know how I am feeling.  Some friends are definitely angels that God has placed in our lives to help us along this journey.  I just hope that I can be half the friend that some of my friends are to me. 

I love my husband to the moon and back.  He is my soul mate, no doubt.  Speaking of soul mates, we just went and watched the movie "Crazy, Stupid, Love."  It's such a good feel good movie!  You should go see it...with your soul mate. 

We also ate some yummy mexican food for dinner.  I can't wait to eat all the leftovers tomorrow for lunch. 

I am about a quarter way through the book The Help right now.  It's getting good!  I can't wait to finish it and then go see the movie.  (I have no idea how to properly site book titles and movies.)

I have stumbled upon an incredible blog and it has spoke mountains to me.  Angie Smith is a very moving and touching writer and gives God all the glory He deserves.  I promise you that something that she has posted over the years will move you if you are ever in need of a little faith and encouragement.

It's almost time for Macy's yearly checkup with the cardiologist.  If you pray for dogs, like I do every single night, will you say a little prayer for her that she remains healthy please?  And will you also pray for my friend Chelsea's dog who just had surgery?   xoxo

I wish this heat wave would pass!  It's so too hot to even go swimming.  And my hoodie collection is getting neglected.

I ran 4 miles today.  Longest I have ran in a while.  It felt so good.  Thank God for treadmills! 

I love watching The Bachelorpad more than I care to admit.  

I don't know what to buy my husband for his birthday, he's going to be old.  Any suggestions?

I think I work way too much.

And that is all.  Have a great night!

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