Wednesday, August 17, 2011

California Road Trip of a Lifetime Day 7 - LA, Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, Venice Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna, San Diego

Today we got up early and had the best free continental breakfast yet! It had “eggs with cheese and peppers” and waffles. Delicious! We headed out the door early and headed to Hollywod blvd. On our way we stopped at Rodeo Drive and took a stroll among the rich and famous. We then took Sunset Blvd to Hollywood Blvd and did the whole touristy thing, that we said we were not going to do, and walked the walk of stars, saw the Kodak & Chinese Theaters, and then saw the famous Hollywood sign. I must tell you, if you have never seen this before, it's nothing spectacular. It's really just a block in the big city of LA and full of tourists. It is nothing like I would have thought.

We then headed to Venice Beach to see the “freak show.” I was a little disappointed, there weren't many freaks out. But the pier is lined with tons of little shops and people selling anything they could think of, including one guy selling a kick in his rear for $1, and some pretty crazy people out there doing the strangest of things. There is also the famous “Muscle Beach” along the pier where big bulky gross looking boys lift weights and wear speedos. Not my thing, but may be yours....

After the freak show we headed down PCH 1 and ate lunch at Charlie's Pizza in Redondo Beach. It was great pizza! The rest of the day was spent driving in stop-and-go traffic down PCH. Hind sight 20/20 we probably should have gotten on the 405 Hwy...But we didn't, we drove through Huntington Beach, which was packed with tons and tons of surfer dudes and girls walking around in biknis. Come to find out it was the US Open of Surfing that weekend, no wonder it was so crowded!  It did look like a cool beach town with a lot of neat shops though.

We drove through Laguna Beach and hit the end of PCH for us. Laguna is beautiful and the coast is lined with million bizillion dollar homes and beautiful beaches. Then we hopped on HWY 5 and headed south to San Diego! After hours and hours of driving, we finally made it around 7 pm.  We booked a hotel close to the airport and the harbor.  Once we got into town we settled into our hotel and then ventured out to find a place to eat.  We drove down to the harbor and ended up eating at The Fish Market.  There were tons of options for fresh fish and since Andrew and haven't really ever ate anything except for catfish and talapia, we were a little overwhelmed with all the options.  We settled on crab cakes.  They were pretty good.  The restaurant seemed like a pretty cool one and I am sure the fresh fish is delicious.  I think we were both just exhausted and too overwhelmed to really figure out what to order.  After dinner we drove down to Gaslamp Quarter.  Its an area in downtown that is lined full of shops, restaurants, bars, etc.  It was packed full of people!  There wasn't a parking space in town, so we just drove through it and then headed on back to the hotel.  Too much time in the car today with LA traffic made for an early bedtime for us. 

Tomorrow...we are going to the zoo!  Stay tuned...

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