Friday, August 19, 2011

California Road Trip of a Lifetime Day 8 - San Diego Zoo, Petco Park, Old Town, The End

Day 8 of our California road trip was was our last full day in San Diego...the last day of our road trip of a lifetime...

The San Diegor Harbor

We started out our day by eating breakfast and then heading to the Seaside Village down by the harbor.  It is a little outside area on the water with restaurants, shops, beautiful boats and walking trails.  It's such a cool area to spend a couple of hours.  Andrew and I walked around for an hour or so and then decided to head to the famous San Diego Zoo.

The zoo was incredible!  It sure lived up to its expectation of being America's favorite zoo.  It was beautiful!  There were palm trees and lots of greenery all throughout the paths that made for some good shade and pretty scenery.  The zoo had every animal you could think of!  The whole time Andrew just kept saying "thank you so much for bringing me here."  He was in Heaven with those animals!  Kid in the candy store?!?!  Yes, most definitely!

The camel...with a lop-sided hump.
The beaver...making a dam.
Must've been a rough day...I feel like this sometimes too.
My favorite part of the zoo was the koalas, pandas, and giraffes.  The koalas and pandas were soooo cute and fluffy! 

The line for the panda exhibit was so long!  Everyone wanted to get a peak at the fluffy cuteness.   Thankfully Andrew didn't mind waiting in the line with me.  I couldn't wait to get a peak at the little guys!

It was this little guy's one year birthday too.  He was hanging out in the tree in the most awkward position.  He must have been pooped from his birthday party and cake that he got earlier that day.  Isn't he cute?!?! 

And who doesn't love the giraffes?!?  I sure do!  I loooooove them!  They are such incredible animals and the exhibit at the zoo let you get up close and personal with these amazing and ginormously tall creatures.  It was incredible!

The zoo also had a bus tour and an aerial tram you could ride around the zoo that took you on a tour of the facility, we chose not to do these things, but I am sure they would have been pretty neat!

After several hours at the zoo, we went to see Petco Park.  I've been there before and just knew Andrew would love it, and love it he did.  Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres, is such a nice baseball park.  There is a park within the park where people can sit and watch the game on the grass or from the big screen.  It's so cool!  I wish there would have been a baseball game when we were there...better luck next time!

We then went to Ghiradelli's at Gaslamp Quarter to enjoy another delicious sundae after the zoo and baseball park...yummmmmmm!  I wonder how many calories are in this pile of heaven?

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel for some r & r before dinner and of course to watch a little shark week.  Thanks to google we found a famous mexican restaurant in Old Town.  Old Town San Diego is said to be the birthplace of California and is a neat area with lots of restaurants guessed!  It's like a little Mexico in the downtown area.

We had such a good day at the zoo and at dinner, enjoying each others company, the beauty that is San Diego, and awesome weather to top it all off!  I am so sad to see this vacation come to an end.  It was AMAZING!

I've been on a lot of vacations.  I am very thankful that I have a husband who understands my love for traveling and is willing to go with me.  In the past, we have mostly went on beach vacations, because who doesn't love a good beach with lots of relaxation?  This year though, we chose to do something a little different.  We decided to fly to San Francisco and drive down the coast to San Diego.  And I tell you that without a doubt this is the best vacation I have ever been on.  We had So.Much.Fun!  It is always great to get away from all the "commotion" that normal life brings with it.  It's even better to get away to one of the most beautiful places in the world with my one and only and enjoy each others company more than ever!

 We did it!  And I now know where Andrew and I are moving when we retire...

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