Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vegas Baby!

Andrew and I went to Vegas a few weekends ago to celebrate one of my best friends sisters 21st birthday.  My friend Alex is one of the best party planners around.  She's actually a nurse practitioner, not a professional party planner, but when she plans a party, they are awesome and full of neat little details.  You may remember me blogging about her wedding, it was incredibly planned and absolutely gorgeous.  Her sisters 21st birthday was planned the same way, full of details, a guaranteed good time, and weekend to remember for her sister.
We ate at the famous Hash House A Go Go one morning for breakfast.  It was delicious.  Andrews ordered this crazy chicken waffle.  If you look closely you can see the bacon that is cooked through the waffle.  Looks disgusting if you ask me, but he swore it was delicious.

We had a fun night out for the big celebration of Brit's 21st by eating mexican food, seeing the famous Vegas sign, watching the light show downtown, and hanging out at THE REAL CEASARS PALACE.

Yes folks, this is the real Caesars Palace!
On our last night there we went to the House of Blues for Dinner and then took a cab down to the Bellagio in hopes to see the light show.  However, due to the "wind" it didn't go off.  Bummer!

 I can't wait to see some of these people again very soon!  

Hope you had the best 21st birthday ever Brit!!!

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