Tuesday, June 28, 2011

12 more months

After 12.5 years of grade school....I say 12.5 because when I went to school kindergarten was only a half day and well.. let's face it....it doesn't really count. All I can remember learning was which side of the chalkboard my left hand was on and which side my right hand was on. To this day in order to tell my left from my right I place myself back in that tiny classroom, facing the chalkboard to determine which hand is my left one. True story. And I know what you are thinking...yep I know...and I am a doctor?!? Sure am...good thing I work with children.

Hmm maybe I should have entitled this post "things I learned in kindergarten.". And I regress...

Let me start again. After 12.5 years of grade school, 5 years at THE University of Oklahoma....I love Norman, OU and the amazing friendships I made there, and Bob...Stoops that is. I met my roommate and incredible friend Abby during my freshman year in PLC (presidents leadership class)...yep the girl that uses a chalkboard from kindergarten to tell left from right was in PLC. See dreams can come true. Abby and I were roommates for the next 4 years! We have some wonderfully crazy memories! You may remember this post.  I "officially" entered into a relationship with my one and only in between my first and second year at OU. More on that sometime soon. I went through rush my third year as an old lady and met another one of my best friends Alex while doing so. Alex and I hit it off almost immediately and have this bond that allows us to pick up right where we left off every time we are together. During my last year of OU I took human anatomy...with Alex...I mention this because this class is so stinkin hard at OU and it forced us to study all the freakin time, however some of my favorite memories come from this class/semester. I also found out I was accepted into med school that fall! Then came graduation and I was forced given the opportunity to enter into the next chapter of my life...med school. On that note..Boomer sooner baby!

Ooh boy...got off track again...anyhow... After 12.5 years of grade school, 5 years at THE University of Oklahoma, 4 years of medical school at OSU...THE state's medical school...wow what an emotional, physical, mentally challenging roller coaster that was. I think most definitely experienced my highest of high and lowest of low in those years. I met some of the most incredible people, have formed lifetime friendships with a few amazing women, became engaged and married my one and only, ran my first marathon, learned more than I ever thought possible...about medicine AND life...all in those 4 years...

During residency I have had one heck of a crazy ride!  I ran another marathon with my husband, took a few awesome trips to help me keep my sanity, have been through a handful of trials during the past two years and I have made some of the most awesome friends ever, oh how I love you girls!  I now have 2 years of residency under my belt and all that is left is 12 more months...looking back now there have been so many ups and downs, curveballs and fast pitches, hailstorms and tornadoes, torpedoes and missile launches...but there have also been lots and lots of rainbows and sunny skies.

"The way I see it if you want rainbows, you gotta put up with the rain" ~Dolly Parton
I must thank the good Lord for wonderful memories and life lessons. While I am very much looking forward to beginning a new chapter of my life, in 12 more months that is, it is very bittersweet. 

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