Sunday, September 12, 2010


Almost everybody that's well-known gets tagged with a nickname. ~Alan Alda

I bought my mom a necklace for her birthday.  I am in love with it.  I find it to be just so cute.  Don't you? 

And now you must be wondering why the weird names on the necklace?   For those of you that don't know my superman of a father, he loves to call people by everything except their real name.  So, needless to say, growing up we all had nicknames.  Being the first born, I feel pretty lucky that my nickname was fairly normal, comparitively speaking.  My mom always called me Cole and my dad would too along with adding to it Cole Coco Cocopuffs Colie Rolly Polly.

My siblings however, they weren't so fortunate.  My sister, who was skinny minny growing up, received the nickname Bones.  My dad even went so far as telling her teacher at school to call her that.  You know those teachers in grade school that would put their kids names outside the door for decoration?  Well my father would go up to the school when he was dropping us off and mark Shannon's name out and so nicely write BONES underneath it.  All the kids at school would notice and call her Bones too.  I know my sister just loved this! 

My next sibling, who is named after my dad, got blessed with the name MUD.  My mom always wanted to call him Bud and of course my dad couldn't call him that because its just "too normal," so after a day of my brother, who was a holy terror growing up, playing in the mud and getting absolutely filthy, the nickname MUD was born and stuck.  I don't think I, along with anyone else in my family, have ever called him by his real name.  The name Mud is stuck with him forever, so much so, that his email address is "theycallmemud." 

Cody, the baby of the family, was also the smallest baby out of us all.  Ironically, my dad wanted to nickname him horsefly.  I know what you are thinking, horseflies are probably the largest of the fly group, but that is what my dad wanted and when my little brother was growing up he told people that his name was "horsepie."  

What was your nickname growing up?

Nicknames stick to people, and the most ridiculous are the most adhesive.  ~Thomas C. Haliburton

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