Monday, September 6, 2010

Boomer Sooner!!!

The time has come.  Football season is in full swing around here.   My husband takes game days very seriously around here.  He wakes up, changes into his Sooner shirt, watches ESPN game day, and doesn't leave his seat until the Sooners are done playing.   Sooner football is a big deal around our house.  Even the dogs have their game gear on. 

Personally, I like to watch the last five minutes of the game.  My husband, he likes to record the game and watch it down to the last second, rewind it and play it in slow motion during specific plays, and then watch the game again.  He gets nervous, occasionally shouts at the television, and gets up and paces the hallway from time to time.  Every season my husband must remind me, "It's football season.  OU plays on Saturdays.  I am not missing any games."  Yes dear, I remember last season.  Secretly though, I love his love for my Sooners:)     

Boomer Sooner!

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  1. I am glad you turned our animals into Sooner Fans! and I am also glad you enjoy my love for the sooners because we are going to go to a lot more games this year!