Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Let the fun begin...Week One

Well week one of marathon training went as without a hitch as possible.  The shifts I am working right now are not really running friendly, well who am I kidding, they are not really having a life at all friendly, but somehow in between the eating and sleeping and snuggling with my hubby, and reading and learning more about medicine than I ever imagined, I managed to complete 4 days of running.  Thank you God my shin splits are of minimal pain thus far!!!

Week one consisted of three 3 mile runs and a 6 mile run.  I ran all of these runs post-call after having working almost 30 hours each time (which is another story in itself) and I have to say, its a little bit of a that a word??  I also got to run a couple of them with my hubby and spend time with my parents, which after working almost 100 hours last week, that gets me an A+ in my book! 

My hubby said he did his long run, but I wasnt there to witness it.  I do believe him though, because I gave him the "don't be a wuss and wimp out on me" chat before hand.  He has no choice but to obey, right?

And how else do I know?  cause Roxy was pooped on Sunday, that's how!
Now...onto week 2.

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