Thursday, January 4, 2018

Nora Sue - 20, 21, & 22 months

Sweet Nora Sue!  Time is just flying by and in two short months you will be TWO!  I am really struggling with my baby being two.  It seems crazy to me that time has gone so fast.  You are still the sweetest little thing and we all just adore you. 

You love to be the boss and definitely have no problem getting your point and what you want across.  You are a rough little cookie and are determined to not let anything slow you down.  You are very head strong and want to do everything you big sister and brother are doing.   You most definitely do not like being told that you can not doing something and will respond with "WHY?"  You always want to be right there with them and Lo just loves dressing you up and matching you. 

You love to paint and color and eat as much as you put on paper. 

You are a little walking tornado and make the biggest messes, but you also are very quick to help pick everything up. 

You are still so easy going and just go with the flow.  You love going on car rides and love to be out and about.

You love bath time and still take baths with Lo and Drew. 


You are still my binky & blankie baby and just the best sleeper.  You are also a great eater!


You just love life and smile all the time!

You love being outside and playing!

Recently you have started to look like such a big girl!  I really realized this when I saw you in pigtails, sitting in a chair, eating cereal with a spoon.

You love to play with your cousins and just adore your Nana!  You walk around the house pretending to talk to her on the phone all the time. 

You love your daddy, but are definitely a mama's girl and are stuck at my side when I am with you. 

You are running and climbing on anything you can.  Recently you have decided you are too big to sit in a highchair and prefer just to sit in a regular chair. 

Even though we can't always understand you, you are very vocal and good about showing us what you want.  You will take my hand, tell me "up," and then say, "way," telling me to "get up and go this way." 

When it is time to go night-night, you are ready!  You will get up, get your binky and blankie and tell you daddy and siblings night-night and march right into the room to go to bed. 

You are pretty funny!!  If we don't put pants on you, you immediately take your diaper off and run around naked, laughing, until we can catch you. 

If you make a mess, you will go get a towel and clean it up yourself.  And you are always throwing away your trash.  It's funny that you do this, because your brother and sister do not! 

We love you Sweet Nora Sue!  I can not believe you are almost TWO!!

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