Sunday, January 7, 2018

Drew is Three!

For Drew's Third Birthday, Andrew and I both took the day off to celebrate with him!  When he woke up, he opened up a few gifts from us.  Then after breakfast, we went to Toys-R-Us and let him pick out a toy.  He picked a light saber...of all things.  He loved looking at all the toys.


Then we took him to eat at the Cheesecake factory to eat lunch and get dessert.  He loved his birthday cake cheesecake!


Afterwards, we headed home and Lo and him had a little sword fight before naps. 


After dinner, we had ice cream cake and sang to him. 


He had a great day!!

That weekend we celebrated some more with a fireman cake!  He loved his cake!!


I can't believe he is Three!!!  He is such a fun little boy and definitely ALL BOY ALL THE TIME!  He loves to run and jump and be wild.  He is still our little sour patch and can go from yelling and screaming to hugging and kissing in 2 seconds.  He loves both Andrew and I so much and doesn't tend to play favorites.  He is still a thumb sucker blankie sniffer and I love this about him. 

He is funny and smart and catches me off guard a lot by the things he says.  He loves the dogs and is always cuddling with them.  He loves paw patrol and blippie.  He thinks that after he eats a meal he should get a snack and would snack all day if I let him. 

He hates sweat pants and will only wear jeans when we go out of the house.  He prefers to wear "normal clothes" which are t-shirts and shorts 99% of the time. 

He loves tools of any kind and playing in the garage with all his daddy's things.  He loves being outside and riding his powerwheels in the driveway. 

He sleeps in his bed until about 2-3 am every night and then comes to our bed to snuggle. 

He is the sweetest little guy and we just love him so very much!!

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