Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Life Lately

On my long weekends off, the kids and I get out of the house on Friday!  Almost always, that involves a trip to Target.  I think it is all of our favorite, cool home décor, food, starbucks..what more could we all want?  This is how we roll.

On that particular day, we got sand from the dollar section.  The kids love them some sand!  And it's nothing a little vacuum can't clean up.

We love naptime around here! 

The kids love going on stroller rides with me!

 The new puppy is fitting right in, as is Moose!


This girl gave me a neck rub one night, sure do love her and her sweet heart!!

The kids are playing so well together!  I love watching their bonds form.  It's the sweetest thing how much they love each other.


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