Sunday, December 4, 2016

Nora Sue - 9 Months

Sweet Nora Sue,

You are 9 months old!  You are still the happiest little girl!  You love to be held and be right in the middle of everything.  You love to eat and will eat anything we give you. 


If we sit you down in the middle of the living room you will move to your tummy, then roll to your back, and scoot with your feet along the floor.  Lo and I call you "scooter," and just laugh at you.  I think you will be crawling soon. 

You love your siblings and they love you too!  You are always smiling at your sister and she loves to talk and sing to you when you are upset. 


Your brother is starting to be really sweet to you too and hugs and kisses you unprompted.

You love looking at your daddy and will get the biggest grin when he talks to you.


You are still a big time mama's girl and always want to be in my arms. 


You loved Santa and just smiled away when we placed him in your lap. 

We love you sweet Nora Sue!!  So very much!!




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