Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Lolo is Four!

Lolo Bear,

You are 4 years old!  I can't believe it!  For your 4th birthday party, you wanted a princess party.  We had it at My Little Dollhouse in Tulsa and it was so much fun!  You got to dress up like a princess and get your hair and nails done by Ariel!  You are your little friends were too cute running around there.  They put on a little fashion show and taught you a dance to Let It Go.  You picked out your cake and it turned out so cute! 

You have become so independent.  You want to do things yourself all the time.  You can fully dress yourself and pick out your clothes.  It's fun to see your choices in outfits these days.  You are doing great in school and your teacher loves you!  You are so smart and outsmart your daddy and I on a daily basis. 

Your BFF is your cousin Lexi and you love it when you get to spend the day with her when I am working.  You guys talk on facetime all the time and it's funny to listen to your conversations.  I hope you guys remain best friends forever.

You are still a mama's girl, but you also love going places with your daddy.  You love us both so much.  You still wish that we can be best friends forever.

You are praying at dinner and it just melts my heart.  I love that your school is teaching you prayers and songs about Jesus. 

You are the best big sister and love your siblings so much.  You love to hug and kiss on Nora and she just adores you.  You and Drew are starting to play together and I love watching you both interact. 

You still love your blankie and request to sleep with all of them every night. 

You love baby dolls and like to get Nora's old clothes and dress up your dolls.  You love Baby Alive dolls that you can feed your concoctions to. 

Your favorite store is Target and you love to go with me. You look forward to our Mommy-Lolo days and count down weekly.  You always get so excited when the day has come!

You are a pure joy and we love you so so much!

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