Monday, July 4, 2016

Nora Sue - 4 Months

Nora Sue,

You are 4 months old and just as happy as can be.  You are content and smiling as long as you are fed and being held.  You love your big sister so much and smile every time you see her.  You are still sleeping like a champ, all night long, 10 hours a night.  It is wonderful!  You aren't quite the best napper yet, but you are getting there.  You are still sleeping in your bassinet right next to me.  You have come to love your binky and blankie! 

You are our chunky little monkey!  You are a comfort eater like you sister was and could probably eat all day long if I let you.  You will nurse to sleep most times at night,  but will also let me rock you to sleep with your binky. 

You love to be outside and love to hang out in the ergo when we are out and about.  You started giggling and have the sweetest little laugh! 

You have the sweetest little face, the gummiest grin, and the bluest eyes.  We sure do love you Nora Sue!!

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