Saturday, July 2, 2016

Drew 17 & 18 Months

This little man is growing like a weed!  He looks more like a little boy and less like a baby ever day.  He is speaking so well for his age and tries to repeat everything we say.  He listens to us so well, when he wants to.  He is so smart and has definitely surprised us.  He is all boy and loves to run and jump and hit things.  He loves balls and loves to make goals.  His favorite word and food is applesauce and I love hearing him say it. 

He loves bath time and when you mention that he needs a bath he runs to the bathtub.  He would dive in head first if we let him. 

Being outside is his happy place.  He could just walk around out there for hours.  He also loves being in the garage and getting into anything he can. 


His daddy is his favorite person and as soon as we say the words "daddy's home," he runs to the door yelling "daddy, daddy, daddy!" 


He greets us in the morning by telling us hi in his sweet little voice, "hi mama."  He also will run to us and give us kisses and hugs.  He is sweet as can be and ornery as ever. 


He loves his sisters and loves to push their buttons.  He makes fun of Lo and will push her if she is in his way and take her toys, and he will grab at Nora any chance he gets.


He is a great sleeper and still takes two pretty good naps.  He loves food and could eat all day long.


He loves to run and rough house with his daddy. 


We love you little man, so very much!

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