Monday, May 16, 2016

Mothers Day 2016

I had a great Mother's Day this year.  I still can't believe I have three beautiful, healthy children.  I am so very blessed beyond my deserving.  Andrew made me strawberry pancakes in bed.  When he brought them to me, Lo was awake beside me as I was feeding Nora, and she asked what that was.  He told her that he made me pancakes for Mother's Day.  She then asked what he made her for Mother's Day.  Haha, that girl cracks me up!

We had a pretty relaxing day at home.  Lo and I went to target that morning, our favorite place, and then we all hung out at home as a family.  Even though Drew and Nora weren't feeling the greatest, it was a great day with the people I love the most.  On Mother's Day and everyday, I feel so fortunate I get to be a mommy.  It seems like just yesterday I was pleading and praying with God to just bless us with one child.  Fast forward to 5 years later and I have THREE babies 3 and under.  Anyone that says God doesn't have a sense of humor, does not know what they are talking about.  He is humorous all right and so very very good to us.  I've been reminded of this verse so many times and this is a perfect example of the beautiful grace of God..."The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still." Exodus 14:14.  

I was so fortunate to be raised by such an awesome mom.  However, it was not until I had children of my own, that I truly understood how amazing she really was when we were growing up.  She wasn't afraid to tell us no, if it meant it would keep us safe.  She worked full time, but she was still present at every sporting event, award ceremony, major life event.  She was and continues to be her children's biggest cheerleader and would drop anything to be there for us in a time of need.  Most importantly though, she instilled a love for God in us by truly leading by example.  Thank you God for not only a wonderful mother who has taught me so much, but also for making me a mother and for entrusting me to be these three little one's mommy.  There is no greater gift or job on earth, than to get to raise these children and show them how to live a Christian life, just as my mother did for me.   

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