Monday, May 2, 2016

Drew 15 & 16 Months

Boy is time flying!  Our sweet little man is just so much fun these days!  He is such a boy and loves to play in dirt, climb on anything and everything, get into whatever he can, and balls, boy does he love balls.

He became a big brother and could pretty much careless, haha.  He just continues about his day, but he does say "hi sissy" in the sweetest little voice every time he sees Nora.  He all the sudden seems so much bigger these days.  

He could still eat all day everyday and loves snacking.

He started walking 10 days after Nora was born and hasn't stopped since, in fact, he has recently started running.  It's just crazy how different he is from his big sister.

He is speaking so well and says just about anything you ask him to, except mama....he is so particular about when he will say that word...little stinker!

He had a little accident and broke his little pinky finger 10 days after Nora was born.  I was an emotional mess and just felt awful, heart broken for him.  It didn't slow him down one bit though.

This kid is seriously so awesome!  He loves to be outside and could just piddle outside or in the garage all day long.  He kicks the soccer ball all over the yard.  He can take a basketball and put it in his little basketball goal, and he loves carrying around a football or baseball.  I love that he loves balls so much, because I know it just melts his daddy's heart to see how much his son loves sports already.
His little face just melts me daily.  I never knew how much I needed a little boy in my life until I met this little man.  He is always so happy and so sweet.

He is also rotten and our little monster.  He loves to steal his sisters toys and blankies.  He is so ornery!

He loves to read books and will bring us book after book and plop down in our lap so we can read to him.

He still loves his thumb and blankie and is the best little sleeper!

And he loves his daddy and gets soooo excited when he gets home from work!  We love you little man!

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