Monday, December 1, 2014

Funny things Lo says - November 2014

"Make me some coffee."

"Mommy's a good girl."

"Girl power!"

While praying... "Dear God, thank you for my mommy and daddy."  When I am praying she tells me, "say thank you for Lolo."

"I'm feeling frustrated."

She is saying big syllable words like, "Catarina and imagination."

"I look at you closer mommy," as she stares at me really close.

"Mommy sit in chair with me. I wanna cuddle wit you. I love cuddle you. I love you."

While at Hallmark, "grumpy cat! hugga mugga!"

"Daddy watcha doin, watcha makin."

"I'm all done sleeping."

"One more minute."

"No, I don't take a bath, I take a bath yesterday."

"Close my eye and think of something happy." What makes you happy? "The beach. Playdoh."

"I have noculars." How do you know what binoculars are?  "Daniel Tiger."

"I kiss baby brother.  I love baby brother."

"I need a cookie.  I need brownies."

She is always keeping us laughing, that's for sure!

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