Sunday, December 21, 2014


I had a feeling this was going to be the year I got the screaming Santa picture.

And I wasn't disappointed.  Haha!  We had been talking about Santa and telling her how nice he was and that if she was a good girl he would bring her presents and she seemed excited, then as soon as we saw him, she freaked out..twice.  I took her once to the Santa here in town.  She had a death grip on me the entire time so I didn't force her to sit on his lap.

Then I took her again to Bass Pro, where my parents met me.  I sat her on his lap and as soon as I did, the screaming began.  I quickly snapped a picture and went and "saved" her.  Funny memories for sure!  She was completely fine as soon as I picked her up.  Better luck next year?

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