Sunday, May 3, 2015

Baby Drew - 4 Months

Little Man,

You are 4 months old and you are just the sweetest thing ever.  You adore your big sister and she adores you!  Its so sweet to watch the two of you together.  I can't believe I was so worried about how she would respond to you when you were born.  She just loves you so very much!

You love to sit and stare at me and just coo away.  You are a pretty chilled out baby and go with the flow.  You also recently found your thumb and have become quite the thumb sucker.  I think it is the cutest thing ever and definitely is one of the reasons you are such an awesome sleeper!

You are the best sleeper at night. You will eat and then when you are done, you put your thumb in your mouth and go to sleep...and sleep for 11 hours straight!  We still aren't quite sure how we got so lucky and where you came from, but we sure feel blessed! 

You are so ticklish and laugh and giggle a lot when we play with you. 

You have done so well with the transition of me going back to work and are taking a bottle so good during the day.  You still like your binky and take it well for naps.  You love to be held and are pretty content as long as you can see one of us. 

You do have a temper if you are overtired...

But most of the time you are as chilled out as can be.  You are my sweet little cuddle bug.  We just love you so much sweet boy! 

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