Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lo - 21 Months


You are 21 months old.  I can't believe you will be 2 in three months!  Just seems crazy to me.  You are so funny and have the cutest personality.  You are rotten, ornery, sweet, cuddly, and so loveable.  This month you have just really blossomed.  You are speaking so well and in sentences now, putting 3-4 words together.  You love singing and have learned half of your abc's!  You sing Happy Birthday, Ring Around the Rosey, Wheels on the Bus, and of course all the songs from Frozen.  When Let It Go comes on you belt it out and it is just so cute and funny. 

One day this month when I was putting you down for a nap, you were mad because you wanted to keep playing.  I layed you down and you started crying, so I gave you your Ariel doll and walked out.  I looked at you on the monitor and you stood up in your crib, picked up Ariel, threw her out of the crib, and then went to sleep.  Little stinker.

At night, I lay down with you and sometimes it takes you a bit to fall asleep.  One night we were laying there and Roxy started snoring.  You thought it was thunder and said, "funder, scared."  Another night you kept touching my ears saying "meow" because everytime I have to look in your ears I make a kitty cat sound.  You know you look in your daughters ears too much when...

The other day, you didnt want to get up, so I picked you up out of your bed and held you.  You told me you wanted to lay down in my bed.  I layed you down and you patted at the pillow and said, "mommy lay down, mickey, mote."  You wanted me to lay down with you and turn on Mickey Mouse.  You love your cuddle time in the morning.  We love it too.

You are getting more interested in using the potty and like to sit on it and pretend.  I have been delaying potty training, but I think its about time we talk about it, since you seem so interested in it. 

A couple of times when I have taken you to Target I get you a cake pop from starbucks.  Now when I ask you where you want to go, you say "Target, cake pop."  You have a sweet tooth as bad as your mommas.  You also LOVE doughnuts. 

You still love being outside.  I am pretty sure it is your happy place. 


You love gizzy and love sitting in boxes with him. 

You love being around other kids.  You are shy at first, but warm up quickly and always seem to remember their names.

The other day you told me you wanted piggy tails then you asked for me to take your picture while you sat in your chair.  Of course I obliged!   

We went to eat dinner at the new Japanese steakhouse in Owasso the other day and we showed up and you and Lexi had on the same outfit, not planned.  You both looked so cute!

I gave you a PBK catalog to look at in the car yesterday and I think you flipped through every page so seriously.  It was so cute!  You have good taste like you mommy! :)

Your Aunt Shannon put sponge rollers in your hair for the first time and you looked so cute!!

You looked so cute the other day playing by yourself in the kitchen.  I couldn't resist taking a picture.  

You have become a lot more comfortable in the pool and it's so fun to watch you gain some confidence.

We sure do you love you Lolo bear! We love your cute little personality and are amazed at how smart you are everyday. Your sweetness is heart melting and I still can't believe you are mine. Thank God everyday for you sweet girl and the miracle you are to us.

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