Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend!

We had a great Fourth of July weekend!  I came home from work on July 3rd and our new babysitter had made this with Lo for me.  So cute!  Love it and love the new sitter so much!!

We spent the evening of July 3rd with a few friends at our neighborhood party.  It was so much fun!  There were food trucks, activities for the kids, great company of course, and an awesome firework show.  Lo suprisingly did very well staying up late and loved the fireworks.  She kept saying, "Again, Again!"  The fireworks went off to music and Let It Go was one of the songs.  Lo, our little rockstar, sang to the song.  So funny! 

On the 4th, we relaxed around the house and then after Lo's nap we went swimming for a couple hours and then to my parents for dinner.  We didn't stay up to watch fireworks since we were up so late the night before and Lo and I were exhausted.


The rest of the weekend we spent as a family.  It was a great, relaxing weekend together.  Lo and I, and my mom, went to the opening of the new childrens boutique in Owasso.  They had cute little shopping carts that the kids could push around.  That evening, Andrew and I took Lo to get ice cream for the first time.  She loved it and ate every single bit of it.  When she was done, she wanted more, and was not happy when we left. 

Having ice cream...

Ice cream all gone...

We took her swimming at our neighborhood pool on Sunday.  She is still pretty timid in the big pools, but she's slowly getting better.  Afterwards, we had some nutella and popcorn.  Dinner of champions! 

What a great weekend!

And to compare....



The difference a year makes!!

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