Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lo - 20 Months


Our sweet little Lo, you are 20 months old.  You are at such a fun age!  You have become such an independent little girl.  You want to do things yourself and will tell us "lolo do it" until we let you. You have quite the vocabulary and are saying two word sentences.  You still love to be outside.  You are happy if you are just sitting on the patio furniture doing nothing too.

You can count to 10 and its the cutest thing.

You know all of your colors

You often remind your daddy and me to pray.

You love to hang out with your cousins and you talk about them all the time.

You have become very fond of cake and ice cream...just dont give you any after 5 o'clock or else you wont sleep...

You have become obsessed with my shoes and love to put them on and walk around the house.

You have started to like watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse again, and of course still love Baby Sign Time.  You are currently loving watching Tangled, with the occassional Little Mermaid and Frozen.

You love princesses.  I really can't believe you have started liking them this young, but I am sure your cousin Lexi had something to do with that.  You play dress-up with her everytime you see her.

This month you learned what thunder was, and you now get really scared everytime you hear it.  You say "funder, scared."  And then you want us to hold you.

You love pushing your shopping cart around all over the house. You place all kinds of things in it.

You love doughnuts now and even recognize the sack they come in.

You were the cutest flower girl in your Aunt Kendall's wedding and did so good walking down the isle.  When you first saw Kendall on her wedding day, you thought she was Elsa.  It was so cute!

Your daddy and I took you to the zoo and you liked it a lot more than last time.  You loved playing on the playground and you actually really liked the petting zoo this time.


I know I say this every month, but you are just the sweetest little girl and we just love you so so much!!  I love your sweet little personality.  You give the best hugs and kisses to your daddy and I and when you say love you, "ub you," to us it just melts my heart!  We adore you, Lolo Bear.  Such an amazing little blessing you are. 

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