Thursday, September 19, 2013

Midweek Randoms

I have got to get better at blogging!  The days have been crazy lately and our poor little Lolo has been sick again with a bad ear infection and is on her second round of antibiotics...poor thing.  Along with that, my poor dog Macy was really sick too!  She has an appointment with the doggy cardiologist soon.

I am in denial that Lolo's one year birthday is coming up!  I just can not believe how fast a year has flown by.  I'm trying to get her party planned, but it's so hard to get everything done AND work a full time job.  How do other working moms do it?!  I wish I could pay someone to take care of it all for me.  Praying for good weather that day!

Our house is coming along nicely!  The sheet rock is up and the outside is almost done with the stone.  I have started counting down the days!  I.CANNOT.WAIT!

We are going to Disney World next month!  I am so excited to take Lo!  She loves her 10 minutes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse everyday and I think she will just love it!  Hoping my husband will fall in love with the place this time too...then maybe I can talk him into that time share ;)

My husband makes me breakfast AND lunch everyday.  I am so super lucky!  I probably don't tell him enough how much I appreciate him and what he does for me.  I gotta get better at that!

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