Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lolo - 11 Months!

Lolo, my sweet girl, you are 11 months old (September 5).  In one month we will be celebrating your one year birthday!  How is this already possible?!?  It seems like I just had you.  You were such a tiny little thing and now you are our chunky, cuddly, sweet little girl.  It seems like you have just been a little sponge this month.  You are learning new things every day.  You are doing baby sign language ALL.THE.TIME!  A little demanding? Nah...just a girl that knows what she wants :)

You sign the words more, eat, all done, milk, water, and dog.  It is so cute!  I love seeing you look at me with you big beautiful eyes and sign to me what you want, or think you want. 

It also seems like you are starting to try to talk.  When you sign dog and we repeat the word you sometimes say, "da" and you do the same for ball, all done, hi, and mama, and dada.  I know its a little early, but I know that is what you are trying to say. 

You love your 10 minutes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with daddy in the morning.  You especially love the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song and the Hot Dog Song!  You get the biggest grin on your face everytime it comes on. 

You love to eat!  You love yogurt and yogurt melts, you eat pretty much any fruit I give you, are pretty good wtih veggies, but still love your broccoli, and cheese, you can't get enough.  Oh and bread, boy do you LOVE bread.  And don't dare try to take your bread away from you, you will scream!  You also just got two new teeth, your two top front teeth, and are working on a couple more teeth! 

You are still sleeping so well, two naps and sleeping all night! must have your blankie.

You weigh 21 pounds are are about 28 inches long.  Still our chunky little monkey.  You are still wearing 6-12 month clothes.

You love books are will sit and look at a book by yourself for quite some time.  You also crawl in my lap and like to be read to.  I love it when you do this.

You love stacking things and love cups and putting objects in them.  It will amuse you for a long time.

You are a very content little girl and so so sweet.  You just smile and wave to almost everyone. 


You are a very loved little girl.  My heart just swells with love for you.  You love your daddy so much and when I get you up in the morning to feed you, as soon as you see him you get a huge grin on your face and start waving.  Its too cute!

You are the most beautiful little blessing Lolo girl.  Your daddy and I love you so very much!  I am still so much in awe of you and all that you have brought to our life and our little family.  Your little personality is just so cute and sweet.  You are such a determined little girl.  Very head strong.  You are so happy and smiling all the time and just light up a room with your grins and squeals.  I love you to the moon and back my sweet little girl. 

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