Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lo - Two Months Old!


How are you already two months old (December 5)?!?  Where does the time go?  sigh...

You are the sweetest baby.  We just adore you.  You are starting to smile, especially in the morning.  You have the cutest gummy grin around.  You have also started cooing at us and it is just the most adorable sound I've ever heard.  You love music and love to kick your legs and move your arms, "dance."  Your changing table is still your happy place.  I think you could lay there for hours.  You are still a great sleeper, sleeping around 6 hours a night, eating, then going back to sleep for 4 more hours.  You still love to eat and you have got the chubbiest cheeks and legs because of it.  You are my chunky little monkey.  You love your daddy and always give him lots of smiles when he comes home from work.  You are such a cuddle bug in the early hours of the morning after you get done eating and I think I could hold you on my chest forever.  I just love you to pieces little girl and thank God so much for you everyday.

You weigh 11 pounds now and are around 21 inches long.  You love your daily naps and take 3 of them during the day.  And you still hate tummy time.  Your little cousin Lexi just adores you and always wants to lay beside you on the activity mat.

I still sit around while you are sleeping and just stare at you. I think you are the most beautiful little girl in the whole world.  You have become a little chunk!  I call you my chunky monkey.  I finally got the courage to take you to your 2 month well child check up.  I was only a week and a day late.  At your check up you weighed 12 lbs 3 ounces and were 22 inches long.  You were in the 50-75% for weight and head circumference and in the 25-50% for length.  You did not like getting your immunizations, neither did I.  It stressed me out.  You actually cried real tears and made mommy and daddy so sad. And the day after was not any fun! 

I can't believe how fast 2 months have gone by...

Daddy & I love you soo soo much little girl!  More than you will ever be able to imagine. 

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