Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lo's First Christmas


Your first Christmas was wonderful!  We went home for the holiday and spent time with all of your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!  You were so good the entire time we were gone, but aren't you always!  We are so blessed to have such a great baby! 

A couple of days before Christmas we celebrated  with your Aunt Allie, Uncle Josh, Cousin Eli and your Granny and Grandpa.  You got fun toys, books, and cute clothes!

On Christmas Eve we went to your Great Grandparents!  You slept the entire time :)  Afterwards we came home and you and Lexi put on your pretty Christmas dresses.  You weren't a big fan of the fancy dress, of course neither is mommy, so we quickly put on your Christmas pjs.  You and Lexi got matching ones and you both looked so cute!  Lexi still adores you and calls you' "Baby Wo."  Its so sweet. 

Christmas morning we spent at your nana and pop pops with all of your uncles, Aunt Shannon, and Cousin Lexi.  I can't wait until you can talk so you can call your Aunt Shannon what I really want you to call her :) 

You got spoiled rotten Christmas morning!  Lots of toys and clothes and books!  And you slept through most of it.  Your cousin Lexi was spoiled as well.  She's at such a fun age! 

On Christmas Evening, we went to your grumpas house.  The whole family was there!  Once again, you slept the majority of the time and were so sweet. 

Daddy and I love celebrating these holidays with you and look forward to so many more.  You were the best gift we ever could have received this year.  We are so very blessed and thank God numerous times a day for you.

We love you sweet girl!

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