Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I was kinda sad to see September come to an end.  It was a pretty nice month.  I was working with some pretty awesome girls if I do say so myself.  My attending liked to refer to us residents that were at OSU this past month as "Team Princess."  On our last day of the month, she bought us all princess crowns and wands...Can you tell we are a bunch of pediatricians?!? 

We had some pretty funny moments last month....like scaring the crap out of Cerissa.  Best. Scare. Yet.  (by me...to her)  For those of you that don't know, my funny hilarious awesome friend, Cerissa, loves to scare people.  She started all of this and is notorious for jumping out of the most random places, ie underneath tables and closets, to scare students, residents, and attendings.  Now...she has all of us scaring people, including her.  Childish, maybe so?  But so much fun!  She's created a bunch of scaring monsters, including one out of my husband, who now jumps out of the most random places to scare me ;)  Thanks Cerissa for creating this scaring monster out of me.  I have so much fun scaring you!  Now, if only I could get a good video of it...

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