Monday, September 12, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!

This past Saturday was my first day off in 19 days, not that I was counting or anything...It was so nice to relax and get to spend some time with my family and my husband.  Friday night Andrew and I went and ate sushi.  The little Owasso sushi place is so delicious!  The only problem is that you have to wait to so long once you get there for it to be made...but we were smart and called our order ahead, so as soon as we sat down, wa-la our sushi was ready!  After dinner, I passssssed out.  I was pooped!

Saturday, Andrew went on a 71 mile bike ride, he is a little crazy like that.  He tried to talk me into riding and had me convinced for about mmmm 5 seconds.  Then I realized that sleeping in was much more important to me.  Ha!  Who was I kidding?  I only slept till 8.  Then me and my trusty psychotic side-kick Roxy went on a nice run.  It was so nice out!  So much better than the 105 degree weather, dontcha think?!?  My mom then decided she really really missed me and her and my dad came to Owasso for breakfast.  I think she was going through "I miss my favorite daughter*" withdrawals.  We ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel and I shared with her my lifelong hopes and dreams and almost have them both convinced to move to San Diego with me...almost.

Andrew came home around 1 pm and was complaining like an old man that just got off a horse in good spirits and not the least just a tiny bit tired and sore after that grueling/supposed to be leisurely ride!  I convinced him to go to dinner and a movie.  I'd tell you what movie we went and saw, but then Andrew would kill me and blackmail me to no end.  Sooooo I guess you will just have to ponder...It most certainly was not Smurfs 3D!

It was a great night out with that wonderful hubby of mine!  Oh, and that movie I went and saw that I can't tell you the name of it, don't go see it.  It really wasn't that good, totally got my hopes up!  Such a bummer.

On Sunday, we went to this really cool Safari Zoo.  There were lions and tigers and bears, oh my!  And there were baby kangaroos!  We bought food for the animals and we fed tigers, lions, even a liger!  We also fed bears, monkeys, llamas, camels, deer, kangaroos, goats, donkeys, etc.  The list goes on and on!  It was so cool!  And you all remember how my husband is when he gets around animals dont you?  Like a kid in a candy store!  The best part of the whole day was getting up close and personal with the baby kangaroos.  They are so soft and neat little animals.  And that pouch of theirs?!?!  Crazyness!! 

We had such a great weekend!  It was so nice to relax and enjoy each others company for the first time in weeks!  I hope your weekend was equally as great :)

Its a Lion, I mean a Tiger, No's a Liger!  Can anyone explain to me the man's obsession with a Liger?  I just don't get it!  I had to pry Andrew away from the Liger's cage.  I think he would have gotten in there with him if I would have let him.  Anyone?!?!

The camel was trying to spit on me.

 What's with the pouch...I think there was a baby in there!

If you haven't been to this safari zoo, you should check it out sometime!  It's pretty cool.

*just checking to see if you are reading dear sister of mine ;)

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