Thursday, November 25, 2010


"God is glorified, not by our groans, but by our thanksgivings." Edwin Percy Whipple

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m going to tell you the significant and less significant things for which I am so very thankful...

1.  The best husband in the whole entire world, he would do anything to make me happy.
2.  My dog Macy, and my other dogs Roxy and Jaxon of course!
3.  My siblings and my parents and the awesome chaos that our big happy family creates!
4.  Being able to run the Walt Disney World Marathon again - thank you Dad!
5.  My profession allowing me to take care of children and dedicate my life to better others.
6.  The cutest little cousin who makes me smile every time I look at a picture of him.
7.  My favorite aunt is pretty cool too.
8.  My hoodie collection.
9.  Some of the best friends around, I love you guys!
10. My loving in-laws and extended family.
11. Our warm and cozy home.
12. Freedom, safety and security.
13. Catching up with a great friend.
14. Christmas Season - Deck the Halls!!!
15. Health and Happiness
16. Coffee.
17. The multiple vacations my husband lets me go on.
18. My camera - it allows me to capture wonderful memories.
19. My car.
20. New York & San Francisco
21. Being able to work with some of my most favorite people!
22. Being a Sooner!
23. Meaningful Quotes.
24. Sweat pants.
20. And above all, God, who gives me everything for which I am thankful for above.

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." -John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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