Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Black Cloud

I was on-call this past weekend for one of those exhausting wonderful 24 hour shifts.  I most certainly did not start my early morning at a time that is for the birds I can enjoy the early hours of the new day with as few people awake as possible.  I did not decide to stop at my favorite coffee shop convenient store on my way to work for a cup of coffee and gasoline.  I also most certainly did not walk run out of the store, after getting coffee, at the sight of gas pouring gushing out of my car.  I am not that much of a black cloud that I would pick the one pump that doesn't automatically shut off when the gas tank is full and have to pay $20 extra in gas, nope, that surely isn't the kind of luck I have!  You better believe that my car ran fine on the way to work too, the extremely full gas tank surely did not cause my car to break down once twice on my way to work, nor did it allow me to putt putt my way to work, nope, my car ran just fine...

I most certainly was not sleep deprived towards the end half way point in my shift and did not get in a name calling fight conversation with one of my little devil angel patients.  He most certainly did not call me a poop-head and I most certainly did not call him one back.  Nope, not me!  I would never do such a thing, especially not when I was sleep deprived and delirious. 

My black cloud certainly did not cause me to have two three seriously ill patients in one shift.  It surely did not cause me to have to send one patient to the PICU, poor baby, and one patient to OKC due to one two dissecting arteries in his brain, we surely don't see that stuff in pediatrics, at least not when I am on-call. My cloud is as white pitch black as can be.   

*I follow this blog that used to have weekly entries about things she most certainly did not do.  This blog entry is in comparison to that one.

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