Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Weekend

The night before Easter we planted jelly beans to see if they would grow into lollipops the next morning.


That evening they got dressed in their Easter pj's and we read a book about Jesus.  They were so excited about Easter the next morning!

They woke up bright and early that morning and were thrilled to see their Easter baskets! 

Then they checked outside to see if their jellybeans did in fact grow in to suckers, and sure enough, that Easter Bunny had some magic up his sleeve!


That afternoon/evening, we baked and got ready to go to my parents for dinner.  My aunt, uncle, and cousin had come in from NY.  We all had a great time!



Drew wasn't in the mood for a family picture.  There's always one...


Sweet cousins!  They sure do love each other!

I can't even with this much cuteness!

Sweet cousins, soon to be the best of friends!

My mom had an Easter egg hunt for all the kids, and they all loved it!


I'd say Easter was a huge success!


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