Sunday, March 4, 2018

Nora 23 & 24 months

Sweet Nora Sue!  I cant believe you are TWO!  


The past two months have been so much fun with you.  You are talking more and more and say pretty funny things sometimes.  You are Miss Independent and want to do everything yourself. 



You love you brother and sister so much and are obsessed with you mama!  You do not want to share me with anyone and will tell them "My Mama!"  You love to cuddle and sit on my lap.  You still love you binkie and sniff your blankie just like Lo and Drew.  You love to eat and will eat most anything we give you.  You try to do everything Lo and Drew do and get really frustrated and upset when you cannot do so. 

You want to climb on everything and forget that you are still little a lot of the time.  You love to play outside and love to ride in the stroller while I run.  You love to go places and are great in the car!  You still sleep in your pack-n-play in our room and I am hesitant to move you because you are the best sleeper!!  You love to watch paw patrol and Daniel Tiger.  You recently started loving babies and pushing them in the stroller over the entire house. 

You love bath time and get so upset when I get you out.  You are strong and do things your older brother says he cant do.  You are bossy and will tell me "uppa dis way," and make me get up and get you whatever it is that you are wanting.  You are also so cute and funny and have the sweetest little smile.  We just love you so much sweet girl! 


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