Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Week/Weekend Fun

I had a few extra days off this week/weekend and decided to take the kids to the mall, not once, but twice. I'm not sure if I am just brave, crazy, or delusional, probably all of the above, but they did great and were so good! 

I bought Lo and Drew Star Wars costumes that were on sale, and they also got some new clothes.  They had fun trying everything on when we got home.

Lo is so sweet to her sister these days, and I love catching these little moments.

Andrew went out of town later that weekend.  I took the kids on a walk/run.  Lo is always up for a run and I just love this! 

My mom came by to help me one night, and brought Avery with her.  She loves me :)

I got to take Lo to school before I headed back to work and we had a little breakfast date.  Love this girl so much!

 After I got home from work, we had fun playing outside and being silly!

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