Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Lo's Christmas Party

Lo had her Christmas Party at school and it was a PJ/Grinch party!  She was so kind to invite Drew to come with her.  That morning, I took Drew and Lo to her school where they decorated gingerbread houses.  Her teacher let Drew decorate one as well and he loved it! 


She opened up a gift from her teacher and got a cool new book!


They did a few crafts and ate the cutest Grinch cookie.

Afterwards, Drew and I headed off to have some one-on-one time and Lo stayed at school for the rest of her Christmas party activities.  I took Drew to get a hair cut and we did some Christmas shopping.  Then I dropped Drew off at home with the babysitter to take a nap, while I picked Lo up from school. 

Lo and I went Christmas shopping as well and had a great time! 

Afterwards, Nora and I had fun playing with playdoh.

I sure do love these sweet kids of mine so much!

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