Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Weekend Fun!

The weekend before Halloween was a fun one!  Friday, I took the kids to the running expo to pic up my Tulsa Run packet.  Surprisingly, they had a blast getting all the free stuff. 

Then we had a fun day at home playing dress-up!

Andrew and I got to go on a much needed date night that evening to see Maren Morris!  She was GREAT!!

My mom and I ran the Tulsa Run on Saturday.  It was the first one I had run since having kids.  It was cold, hilly, and a lot of fun! 

While we were running, Lo had a soccer game.  A sweet mom sent me this pic of the girls all bundled up.  They are all too cute!!

 I got up early Sunday morning and made fun little breakfast treats for the kids.  They loved it! 


Then we got bundled up and headed to Pumpkin Town!  My kids love Pumpkin Town!  They all three had a blast this year!  Drew was particularly fond of the tractors, Lo loved the slides, and Nora just wanted to walk around and look like a big girl. 



The next day we carved pumpkins and played with putty.  My kids love anything sensory and will spend a long time sitting there making putty creations. 


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