Saturday, March 4, 2017

Nora - 12 Months

Sweet Nora Sue!


You are 12 months old!  I can not believe you are ONE!  This year has flown by!  You continue to surprise us, just like the day we found out about you, and are such a blessing to all of us.  You are still the sweetest, happiest, most content baby.  You are always smiling and love to be right in the middle of everything and love your little family so much.  You love to eat and are a great sleeper!  You sleep all night and take two good naps during the day.  All you need is your binkie and blankie and you go right to sleep. 

You got RSV this past month and then your first ear infection and boy was it rough!  But you managed to continue to smile through it all!  We enjoyed lots of snuggles during this time.



You are still army crawling all over the place and have slowly started to pull up on things, but you are in no hurry to start walking. 

Your namesake and Great Aunt came to visit us this past month and you loved getting to hang out with her! 

You still love bath time and would stay in there forever if I let you. 


Lo and Drew adore you and your daddy and I think you are the best baby ever!  You just fit in perfectly.  You go-with-the-flow and never "complain."  We have been so very blessed by you and we just love you so much sweet girl!! 

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