Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Nora - 10 Months

Sweet Nora Sue,


You are 10 months old! 

You are sweet as can be and always have a smile on your face.  You love your siblings and want to be right in the middle of everything they are doing.  You love your daddy, but are still a mama's girl!  If I am not holding you, and you see me, you want nothing more than to be in my arms. 



You are still a chunky monkey and weigh as much as your two year old brother.  You love to eat and will eat anything we give you. 


You are rolling all over the place and will lay on your back and scoot with your feet.  Your sister and I love to call you scooter. 


You just started clapping and will do so when we say, "yay!" 


You are starting to babble more and love being outside in the swing. 


You are sitting up like a big girl in the bath tub and have so much fun playing with Lo and Drew. 

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