Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Drew - 13 & 14 months

Our little man is just growing up right before our eyes.  He has had a big couple of months.  The past two months he has started talking more, although I have yet to hear him say "mama," he says dada, all done, ball, dog, & lolo.

He is the happiest little guy and just loves to be around his little family.  He loves Moose and Roxy and is always crawling all over them.  Thankfully they dont seem to mind one bit.

He is cruising all over the place and taking a few steps here and there, but hasnt quite got confident enough to take off walking yet.  It's only a matter of time...

He loves to get right in with his big sister and play away...too bad she isnt always one to let him.

He loves crawling on the trampoline and being outside.

He is still a huge fan of eating and probably eats more than I do right now.

He is into anything and everything he can get his hands on, and if I take my eyes off of him for a sec he is crawling on top of things.  He is sure going to make me a nervous wreck!

He got his second haircut, and I think its safe to say he is NOT a fan.  Poor little guy.

He loves bath time and could play in the tub for hours with his sister if I let him.

He is still a huge fan of sleeping, loves sucking his thumb, and gets so excited when he sees his blankie. 

We sure do love you little man, so very much!!!

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