Monday, November 2, 2015

Baby Drew - 10 months


You are 10 months old! 

The months are flying by and in two short months you will be one!  I can't believe it! 

You are all over the place now, crawling on all fours, army crawling, rolling, sitting up, and trying to pull up.  You babble a lot and will say dada more than anything, occasionally you will say mama, but not too often, and I am pretty sure you are saying "all done," but it sounds like "ah da."  You are still the sweetest little boy and so cuddly. 

You love to be held and love your mommy, daddy, and big sister.  You still eat like a little piglet and love any and all food that is placed in front of you.  You love your sleep and when you are tired you just want to be put in your crib with your blankie.  You go right to sleep, sucking your thumb and sniffing your blankie.  You went to Walt Disney World this month and were such a great baby the entire time, we are so lucky!  You got four new top teeth this month and handled them pretty well considering they all came at the same time.  We also celebrated your first Halloween this month! 

You were the cutest little monkey I ever did see! 

We sure do love you sweet boy!


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