Monday, January 5, 2015

Drew's Birth Story

My doctor scheduled my repeat C-section for Jan 2nd, the first day he would "kinda" be back from vacation.  I would be 39 and 2.  I really did not think I would make it to that day.  But by the grace of God, I did! 

My c-section was originally scheduled for noon that day, then they changed it to 10 am, then the day before, they changed it to 7am...which meant we had to be at the hospital by 5 am.  That was early!  

On Jan 1st, my mom came over that evening to stay the night with us so she would be able to be with Lo when we had to leave at 4:30 am.  I tried to go to bed at a normal time, little did I know I wouldn't sleep a wink.  I was so anxious for a number of reasons.  I was especially anxious about Lo and how she was going to handle all the changes and being away from us for the first time ever.  I prayed and prayed all night.  I also started having contractions during the night.  I don't know how many times I prayed that this baby just needed to wait "x" amount of hours.  I have the best doctor, for so many reasons, and I just wanted to be able to show up at the scheduled time for my doctors sake.  

Thankfully, this baby held on till then.  I got up around 3 am and took a shower, shaved my legs, did my hair and know, the usual things you do before you go in for surgery to have a baby. I mean, who knows when the next time would be that I would actually be physically able to shave my legs again.  

We got to the hospital right at 5 am and checked in.  The nurse asked a whole bunch of questions, made me change into the fancy hospital gown, and then we just hung out for an hour or so.  My doctor then came in, talked to us a bit, then told us it was time to meet our baby!

They had Andrew change into scrubs and rolled me back to the OR.  It was freezing back there and I was shaking so bad. Not sure if it was because I was cold or extremely nervous, probably a little of both.  My nurse was awesome and covered me in warm blankets and tried her best to keep me warm.  The anesthesiologist, who was super nice, did my spinal, which was not fun by the way, and confirmed my fear that I would probably get the labor shakes...again.  After he gave me the spinal and laid me on my back they prepped me, brought Andrew back, and got started.  

I think it was right after I got my spinal and laid down that I did NOT feel good.  The anesthesiologist said that my blood pressure dropped "a bit." He gave me some meds and I felt better for the moment.  It felt like my baby was out in no time.  As most repeat c-sections are I am sure, I had some scar tissue that was making him a tough little booger to get out, or so it seemed.  The pushing right under my diaphragm to try to get his head to come out was enough to knock my breath away, then they eventually had to get a vacuum on his head to get him to come out.  It was only on for a second, funny that both my babies had to have vacuums on their heads.  I seem to make small babies with big heads.  Once I heard his sweet cry the tears fell.  Andrew went with him to the warmer and I immediately did NOT feel good AT ALL.  All I kept thinking was, "how am I going to puke laying on my back...I am going to pass out...they are going to have to intubate me...please make me feel better...Dear God please help me...please let this pass soon..." It was awful!  I mean awful!  That feeling is one I hope I never feel again.  The anesthesiologist just kept saying, hang on, it will get better in a second, I can't give you any more medicine.  He said as soon as they put my uterus back in, I would feel better.  "My uterus is not in?"  "What?"  Being a pediatrician, I have seen a lot of c-sections.  We attended all of them during residency, but I guess I really never paid much attention after the baby was out, because I do not ever remember that part of the c-section.  But guess what?  It's normal.  And the feeling you get when they are repairing it, really really stinks.  Crazy! 

I wanted to do skin to skin immediately, prior to the c-section, but I guess after IV zofran AND benadryl, I was knocked out, as evidence by the picture below.  Apparently, I wanted a family pic of all of us and then passed out. Haha!

There was no way I could have done the skin-to-skin, I felt too crummy.  Andrew took our baby as they finished with me.  They brought me back to the recovery room, where my awesome nurse immediately initiated skin to skin with me and my baby.  And even though I was still pretty out of it, it was amazing.  He immediately started rooting and wanting to breastfed, latched on like a champ and breast feeding was smooth sailing!  What a much better experience than with his big sister, who I didn't get to attempt to feed until hours later and who took days to latch well and took even longer for my milk to come in.  Crazy what a little immediate skin to skin will do for a mom and her new baby! 

We got moved into our room shortly after.  My parents brought Lo up to the hospital to meet her new little brother.  Andrew went and met them in the waiting room and brought her in by herself.  It was the cutest thing ever.  She walked in with a huge smile on her face and sat with Andrew and wanted to hold him.  As she held him, she was so intently staring at his little face.  It seriously melted my heart.  She then came and sat with me as I held him.  My two babies...two healthy perfect babies. God is awesome!


While we were enjoying our time with our new little guy, Lo was having the time of her life on vacation with her nana, aunt, and cousins.  We sure missed her like crazy!  We face-timed her a lot and peeked in on them on the baby monitor and got quite the laugh at night. 

By the 3rd day I was more than ready to get out of there and begin our new life!  It took a while, but we were finally discharged from the hospital and headed home!  Lo immediately loved on him and just stared at him.  I couldn't have been more in love with these two little ones that God has entrusted me with.  God is so very good!


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