Saturday, November 1, 2014

Funny things Lo says - October 2014

"I ate so good!"

While laying down with her at night before she goes to sleep...She heard my phone vibrate and told me, "I heard dat."

"I wanna cuddle mommy"

"Honk" While honking my nose

While touching my belly when we were laying down, "I love my baby brother, I hold my baby brother, Here you go baby brother, baby brother come out, I pet baby brother."

"Mommy scratch your back" Telling me to scratch her back.

"I like your pretty shirt." As I am wearing her daddy's Yankee t-shirt.

"Youre welcome."

After I asked her is she was a turkey?  She told me, "No, I'm obsessed with play doh."

"I love mommy."  unprompted

"I want my princess please." Talking about her magic clip dolls.

"I want to go to punkin atch." 

While grabbing my hand when we were sitting on chair together, she tells me "mommy my best friend."

After asking her is she pooped..."No, I'm all clean."

We were in Pottery Barn Kids and she was pushing around this car and just started belting out "Driving in my car!"

While shopping at Target, she picks up something and says "Let's buy it."

"Mommy looks so pretty."

"Don't leave me."

"Mommy my best friend"

"I'm shy," after pulling through a drive thru to get food.

I was talking to Lo about her cousins birthday party and the fact that we needed to go buy presents and she said, "I want to buy Lolo a present. It's my birthday."  I told her that she already had a birthday, to which she responds, "my birthdays in a week."

As we were watching Ice Age she was cracking up, laughing so hard, then she looks over to her daddy and says, "daddy this is so funny!"

"I love baby brother."

"Where'd my daddy go."

Such a sweet girl. Such a sweet soul.  Love her so very much! 

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