Tuesday, October 28, 2014


For our family vacation this year, we went to Seaside, Fl!  We were crazy and decided to drive there.  We split up the drive into two days. 

Day 1 - We left around 1:00 pm hoping Lo would nap during her nap time.  She did, but not for as long as she normally does.  However, she was so great in the car!  We stopped around 4:30 and ate dinner at a pizza place named Zaza's in Arkansas.  Then we made it to just south of Memphis and stayed the night there. 

Day 2 - We left our hotel around 9:00 and started south to Florida!  Lo did great until about 3 hours left and then she was a little difficult to entertain.  She refused a nap that day.  We got to our house we had rented around 7 pm and were so glad to be out of the car!  We hopped on our bikes that were waiting for us to go get a bite to eat.  As soon as we got going, Lo was out!  It was the sweetest thing.  We found a little pizza place called Pizza by the Sea and ordered that for dinner.  We crashed early that night. 

Day 3 - Finally!  Our first real day of vacation.  We started off the morning with a bike ride to a great little breakfast restaurant at Grayton Beach called The Broken Egg.  It was delicious!  After that we packed up and headed to the beach.  The house we were staying at was in such a great location!  It was a couple of blocks from the beach.  We opted to load everything in the car though and park as close to we could.  Lo love the beach!  She especially loved the sand and building sand castles with her daddy.  She eventually warmed up to being in the Ocean.  The entire time we were there she kept telling us she wanted to see dolphins and touch them.  So funny that she knew that dolphins live in the ocean.  We headed back to the house after a few hours so Lo could nap.  Andrew laid down with her and I took the bike out to explore and shop.  The little town of Seaside is soo cool!  The town square area is filled with fun little shops and places to eat. 

After Lo's nap, we got dressed and went back to the town square area.  We took Lo to the toy store, coolest toy store ever!  Then we had ice cream and dinner and headed back to the house.

Day 4 - The next day Lo and I went and got doughnuts for breakfast while Andrew went on a run.  After breakfast we headed back down to the beach.  It was so peaceful!  There's not much that can compare to an ocean view with the sound of the waves.  Not much at all.  Lo and I both took naps after we got home from the beach and ate lunch.  After naps, Andrew made us a delicious dinner and we got dressed and headed back to the town center to do a little shopping.  Then we headed down to ocean to take a few pics with the sunset.  Talk about beautiful!!  Seaside sunsets are amazing!


Day 5 - We headed back down to the beach again after breakfast!  Lo wore her fancy beach outfit for the occasion.  After several hours at the beach, Lo and I went back to the house to shower while Andrew went and got us lunch. 



He came back to this...

I guess we were both pooped!  After we woke up from our nap, we headed to this restuarant in Grayton Beach called the Red Bar.  We were too early for dinner, so we just had lunch, and it was just fish and chips, but boy was it delicious!  Lo and I went on a walk after lunch while Andrew napped and I took her to get ice cream.  This girl lives for ice cream.  We went back to the town center that evening and played in the toy store some more.  I am not kidding when I say that the toy store was so so cool! 

Day 6 - Back to the beach after breakfast for our last day!  I found a bunch of tiny tiny seashells while Lo and Andrew played in the sand.  During Lo's naptime I went to explore seaside more on the bike.  Such a peaceful little place.  We ate dinner in Seaside, played in the toy store some more and then headed back down to the beach to take some more pics! 

The next day we loaded up and started our journey back home.  Lo was so great in the car on the way back.  We went the long way back and headed down the coast to New Orleans.  It was rush hour and there was a Saints game that day so we just drove through the city.  Reminded me of a small NYC.  Would be a fun place to go back and visit!  Then we headed to Trader Joes of course to stock up on some cookie butter!  Lo had a ball pushing around the little carts and was not happy when it was time to leave. 

We made it home safe and sound the next evening!  Such a great vacation!  Probably our last as a family of three :)


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