Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lolo's Sweet Shop First Birthday Party!

For Lolo's first birthday I decided to do a sweet shop theme.  The color scheme was turquoise, pink, and yellow.  I thought it turned out so cute.  I was in luck, because Hobby Lobby had all of their Christmas decorations out and on sale.  They had the cutest candy Christmas decor out and I was able to use a lot of it for the party.  Then come December, when we are finally in our new house, I will decorate Lo's room for Christmas with it! 

The details...


I bought the banner, paper good, invites, and her outfit and accessories off etsy.  Every single person that I bought from had excellent customer service.  So thankful! 

I wanted to do most of the party outside, but of course the weather didn't cooperate, however, the decorations still turned out great!  We had most of our close family and friends there too, to celebrate our sweet girl's first year!  And the weather...ironically was exactly like it was the day I had her, cold and rainy.

The cake was done by a girl I went to highschool with.  You should check her out, she does GREAT work!  It was delicious and so cute!  It turned out exactly like I wanted.  She was pretty delicate with her cake.  Didn't "smash" it like I thought she would.  She was more interested in putting it in her toes.

It was the perfect celebration for the most perfect little girl.  What a wonderful year!  We are so so blessed!

And we can't forget sweet Macy, she's going to be 14 in one short month! 

Every party has a pooper...that's why we invited pooper ;)

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