Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lolo - Eight Months

Dear Lolo,

You are eight months old (June 5th)?!?  I can't believe it!  Where is the time going?!?  We just love you so much sweet girl.  You continue to be the happiest, sweetest baby I have ever been around.  You are such an incredible blessing to us and our love for you just continues to grow, not sure how, but it does.  You have seemed to really take off this past month.  You are loving food, as long as you get to feed yourself.  But you do let me feed you yogurt, and act like you LOVE it! You open your mouth when you are ready for me to give you more.  You still love avocados and broccoli.  And you love strawberries!

You are acting like you may want to crawl soon, but still aren't quite sure yet.  Which is fine with me!  I will continue to hold you and carry you every where for as long as you will let me. 

You started rolling all over the place at the beginning of the month and when I get u up in the morning you are in a completely different place and position than you were when I laid you down. 

You started talking a lot this month and there are times when it seems like you are singing to us.  Its so cute and we can't help but laugh at you.  You said mama on my birthday and now you are saying dada, sweetest sound ever.  When I get my phone out to take a picture, this is what you do now.  Trained?!?  Happy girl!

You had your first sickness.  It was so sad.  I blogged about it here.  Seeing you in pain and not being able to help you was the worst feeling ever.  So glad you are better and that it was short lived!  Even when you were sick, you were still happy.  This is you being sick...

You loved the pool and are starting to play in the bathtub.  You want to sit up now like a big girl and splash water. 

Just a day shy of turning 8 months you started doing a pincher grasp to feed yourself.  You fell asleep on your daddy the other day.  So sweet!  You sure do love that blankie!

Daddy and  I took you to the zoo again.  You were a little tired, but I think you loved the giraffs as much as I do :)

We just love you so much Lolo.  You are such a dream come true and have blessed us in more ways than you will ever know.  It seems like you have become such a big girl recently.  It makes me so sad that you are growing so fast, but at the same time you are just so much fun. 

Lexi wanted to get in your 8 month picture too.  She just loves you so much.  But then when she got in the picture she wouldn't smile. Silly girl!

Lolo, I pray you always know how very loved you are.  You are the sweetest little girl and we are so blessed to be your parents.

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