Friday, November 4, 2011


My princess dog Macy loves treats!  Loves them!  So much so that when she is outside and I say the words "Mace you want a treat?" she comes sprinting to the back door.  I find this funny, because usually Macy takes her sweet precious time coming in from outside.  When I call her she first acts like she can't hear me, then she obviously ignores me, and then she finally comes, walking as slow as she possibly can, inside.  Not when I mention the word "treat" though.

I used to give my dog anything and everything...steak, chips, cheese, you name it, she got it.  After I found out about Macy's heart problem, I did a complete 360.  I now mostly only feed her stuff that is good for her.  She gets Royal Canine food made especially for chihuahuas and their hearts and carrots! Yep, real carrots!  She loves them, as do Jaxon and Roxy.  Strangest thing.

I ran out of carrots the other day and went to give her a "real" dog treat.  She actually turned her nose up to it and looked at me like I was crazy, she wanted a carrot!

According to my vet carrots are so much healthier for her and won't cause her to gain weight, who woulda thought my dog who thinks knows she is a princess would love carrots so much!

Sorry for the blurry pics, they are too busy chowing down to want to pose for the camera.

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  1. Aww so cute! I LOVE my puppy too! :)
    Over from Kelly's Korner & your newest follower!