Monday, April 4, 2011

Bieber Fever

I think I have caught the bug, yes most definitely think so.  Pretty sure I have Bieber Fever after watching Never Say Never.  What an awesome movie about a young adult who never gives up and uses social networking to make it to the top.  Justin Bieber is pretty ridiculously talented to begin with, but his story of his road to fame is touching to say the least.  I definitely used the excuse to take my favorite little girl I invited my favorite little girl to go with me, and when I asked her if she like the movie, her response was, in the cutest little valley girl voice you can do, "Oh my gosh, I LOVED it!" 

Take your kids, friends, family, anyone who will go with you, to see Justin Bieber.  It will inspire them, and you too!  Imagine this world if we all lived by the philosophy, "Never Say Never," when it came to reaching our dreams.  What an incredible world we would live in!

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